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Kerbholz Wooden Sunglasses - Alfons Ebony

115 GBP

These unisex beauties go by the name Alfons. (They are slightly more square than the Leopold)

This pair is made out of ebony and and biodegradable acetate (a non-petroleum based plastic that is made from natural cotton and wood fibres), and high quality 400UV lenses (manufactured by Carl Zeiss) and wants to be your loyal companion for all your summer adventures!

Hello and welcome to this one-woman pop-up lifestyle store!

That woman is me. Aina for short, Aina Maj if you want to impress me.
Half Belgian, half Swedish. Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga teacher. Nature lover. IG addict - follow me if you need proof --> @ainamaj :)

I have a fond love for businesses who produce fairtrade and/or ecological products in sustainable ways, 
I get inspired by those who, with their businesses, empower others,
and find great pleasure in discovering gems that improve my own lifestyle, reduce my footprint and to then share them with you.

Finding "the perfect product" isn't always easy ... so I try to find the correct balance between what's absolutely essential and what's possible, and present you with a selection of my discoveries.

Founded on the beautiful baltic island of Gotland, Sweden in 2014 after reading a book about the dangers of plastic, right now operating from Harrogate, North Yorkshire (UK).

Always looking for ways to expand, please do share your favourite eco-consious brand with me!
If you own your own brand and want to get in touch, please do!

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