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Lounge Pants - Leo

50 GBP

Loose fitting yoga/lounge/pyjama pants with Leo print. Organic Lifestyle enhancer!

Ognx was one of the brands that were recommended to me via social media as I was searching for eco-consious yoga pants.
These most definitely fit the bill with their 92% organic cotton! (the remaining 8% being Elastane which I suppose is needed for the stretchiness ...).

I couldn't believe it's so hard to find yoga pants made (at least partly) out of natural and eco-friendly materials, but here they are!

I only ordered a small batch to start with as I felt like I needed to test them first before ordering more and so far (as you can see on the pictures) they've been approved for slack-lining, yoga & meditation (I use the app Headspace - definitely recommendable if you want to get in the habit!) and general lounging ... oh yes I also took a very satisfying nap in them.
Pretty amazing all-round pants.
Just what you need!

Because this is a test order I only have sizes M and L.
Maybe it's your lucky day?

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